We’ve all been there, something goes wrong, you look at a stacktrace and have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on. If only there was something that would give you more context, for example a list of all the actions a user had taken before the error occurred.

In order to make the whole bug-hunting process less painful we’ve decided to record all events that lead up to unhandled exceptions. When a new error pops up, you can just look at the event log and instantly see what happened. Maybe the user clicked a button 4 times in a row instead of just once. That sort of thing would never appear in a stacktrace, but it might as well cause a race condition in your app.

Or maybe you’re doing AJAX and forgot to handle the error case in some obscure use case. Then the request fails and your application fails as well, but in a different place which depends on the request being successful. With Trackets we’ll not only show you the user events (such as mouse click events), but network requests as well.

But this isn’t the end of our story. We still have more features to uncover, logging events in the browser is just the beginning.